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Changelog 05/01/2024 – 14/01/2024
  • Eliminated earthquake when starting Eternal Siege event
  • New quest added “Learn To Fish” Lv 18
  • New quest added “Introduction to Tower of Infinitum” Lv 20
  • Dropdata/Monster show mob aggro in window SHIFT+CLICK
  • Add Lv and Agro in mob title
  • Fix visual error when making mobs trains
  • Reduce karma by 13 points per EXP obtained
  • Fixed Kalanthia Fisherman Matthias item shop
  • Changed to 10 notifications per page in the World LogBook
  • Fixed the quest “Ghost of Batur”
  • Reduced the consumption of the Dig skill from 300mp to 30mp with a 30 second coldown
  • Indicate in the mob titles if its a quest monster or not
  • New quest added “Introduction to Housing” Lv 45
  • Added first 3 achievements to “Achievements” Adventurer’s Board tab
  • Reduced the chance of spawning the Boss type mob to 1%
  • Catacomb and Necropolis mobs cannot spawn in Boss type
  • Adjusted Drop formulas, including all item families
  • Added two proxies in Argentina and Canada
  • Loaded Illustrious society of Treasure Hunters TREASURE #2: Captain Ikit Treasure
  • Drop FIX (Fixed)
Changelog 15/01/2024 – 21/02/2024
  • Adjusted damage done with pole-type weapons and two-handed sword
  • Fixed error in Tower of Infinitum when killing two mobs at the same time before changing rooms or floors
  • Modified BOM and MOM location message color
  • Adjusted Spoil and Festival Spoil drop amount chance
  • Add rule: Check if the player has a party member nearby to give the bonus
  • If Hopzone stops responding to requests, the system will automatically allow the player to receive Mithren’s Blessing without voting
  • Added class change achievements to Adventurer’s Board
  • Fixed herb drops in certain areas
  • Added Rankings to the Adventurer’s Board
  • Fixed Spider Mutant XP/SP/drop/spoil
  • Changed daily reward reset time to 07:00
  • Changed daily quests reset time to 07:00
  • Changed daily Tower of Infinitum reset time to 07:00
  • Fixed Deinonychus drop/spoil
  • Changed Buffs Pack and Scroll XP/SP +50% from Silver Shop
  • Fixed Dino type mob levels
  • When Shift Clicking, check if there is a party member nearby, if there is one nearby it will indicate that the bonus is being applied
  • When leave Tower of Infinitum, stop applying all its logic
  • Added Valakas and Antharas weapon skins to Bodahns’ Bazaar
Valakas Weapons set
Antharas Weapons set
  • Buff’s Pack, Bodahn’s Elixir and Scroll XP/SP can now be destroyed
  • Buff’s Pack, Bodahn’s Elixir and Scroll XP/SP can now be traded through the freightman
  • Added enchant level colors:
Enchant Colors
  • Fixed 347 spawns
  • Fixed 24 mobs drop/spoil
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