Changelog #8

  • When you have voted, all accounts linked to that IP automatically receive Mithren’s Blessing
  • The price of all hats have changed to 5 Gold Coins
  • The price of all hairstyles have changed to 7 Gold Coins
  • Lethal Strike skill fixed
  • The drop database has been imported from l2Off (chance rate, quantity and drop / spoil list)
  • Skeletons from Elven Ruins spawns fixed
  • Removed wrong spawns outside of Ant Nest
  • Champions now have a 10% chance to drop Silver Coin
  • Silenos Grunt mobs AI fixed
  • The siege CH manager’s amount of MP has been adjusted (Devasted Castle, Bandit Stronghold and Fortress of Resistance)
  • BoM removes any enchanment when upgrading a weapon
  • Gorgolos spawn fixed
  • Abyss Brukunt spawn fixed
  • Horror skill fixed
  • A new system that allows accessories (hats and hairstyles) to be temporarily weared (like skins) has been added
  • Added Boss/Geodata anti-bug system
  • Removed wrong TOI spawns
  • Agression skill fixed
  • Mercenaries System: new limitation by Clan / Ally / CC IP / HWID relationship
  • Mercenaries System: It will only be counted 1 death with the same HWID each day
  • Nina now allows enchanted items to be added to packages
  • The new party system now adds an extra x1.5% bonus for XP/SP/Drop/Spoil/Adena quantity
  • Shield Stun skill fixed
  • Herb of Magic now replaces Empower 1 and 2
  • Added new character named Valten in Giran:
  • NPC Abyss Portal changed:
Abyss Portal
  • Added two new skins:
Lionel Hunter Skin
Aegis Skin
  • Added new Wyrven:
  • Added new strider:
  • Added 11 new hats:
Bear Hat
Aegis Hat
Hood Hat
Indi Hat
Lionel Hat
Naca Hat
Pirate Hat
Rogue Hat
Warrior Hat
Zaken Hat

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