Changelog #6

  • Issue when enchanted items are added to packages NPC Nina fixed
  • Weight calculation when desummon a pet fixed
  • L2Day event letters chance drop increased
  • Modified L2Day event rewards
  • Skill Bandage fixed
  • Pet manager upgrade equipment system fixed
  • Improved captcha in party. (If a party member is far from the party, the captcha will not appear)
  • Herb effects now does not remove buffs
  • WOA drops chance fixed
  • Added more “Anger of Splendor” mobs in Valley of Saints
  • Adjusted pets experience gain
  • Toggle Vicious Stance fixed
  • Soul crystals leveling fixed
  • Added items icon in Asteroth:
  • Adjusted speed calculation of all mobs
  • Skill Mystic inmmunity fixed
  • Added own HWID control system
  • Van Halisha attack animation fixed
  • Added 0.1% chance to drop equipment (armor, jewelry or weapon) when dying in PVP or PVE
  • Skill Sting fixed
  • Added items icon in Nina:
  • Modified cost in SC of the Abyss Pets (1500, 3000 and 5000)
Abyss Pet NamePassive SkillSilver coins costCombats needed
SumoRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
AngelRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
GrotRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
WomanRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
OrcRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
LinviorRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
GorynychRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
ValakasRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
PegasusRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
HotbirdRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
SnakeRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
FairyRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
SamuraiRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
BambooRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
PandaRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
Abyss pets
  • Added to Bodahn Buff’s Pack for 5 silver coins
  • Ruins of Despair spawns fixed
  • Added to Bodahn scroll +25% de XP/SP
  • Added to Bodahn scroll +50% de XP/SP
  • Added MOM and BOM spawn info message:
  • Fixed “handle ()” error when accessing the game
  • Added option to sell items in Asteroth for Silver Coins
  • Item Silver Coin now is tradeable
  • Added control system for receiving voting rewards and daily by IP / HWID / account relationship (antifarm)
  • Added item “Death Certificate”
  • Added item “Mercenarie Rank(6lv)”
  • Added NPC Lazarov
  • Added mercenary system
  • Added PVP/PK control system (antifarm)
  • Skill Servitor Blessing fixed
  • Adjusted damage calculation during shield defense is successful
  • Raid Boss Sailren fixed
  • Timak Outpost spawns fixed

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