Changelog #5

  • SMARTGUARD files updated
  • IP/HWID Daily Reward restriction-control system has been added
  • Drop issues on Enchanted Valley mobs has been fixed
  • Message of the item Transfer Character has been fixed
  • target_control of the item Silver Chest has been fixed
  • Captcha antiBOT-DualBox has been debugged
  • Added colors to important chat messages
  • Spawns at Cemetery (Bloody Ladies, Kadios,…) has been fixed
  • Spellboks/Amulets (stackable) consumption issues has been fixed
  • “Exploration of Gian Cave” quest has been fixed
  • “Gold Wyrven” drop in Doom Knights has been added
  • Festive Sweeper skill has been adjusted
  • “Merciless Punishment” quest has been fixed
  • “Parasite Burst” skill has been fixed
  • “Nightshade” Summon stats issues has been fixed
  • Area of action of great sword/pole type melee weapons has been adjusted
  • Drop chance in Swamp of Screams has been adjusted
  • SS/BSS consumption of every Summon has been fixed
  • “Shade Sacrifice” skill has been fixed
  • “Toxic Smoke” skill has been fixed
  • Drop rates in Wall of Argos has been adjusted
  • Drop rates in TOI has been adjusted
  • Rydel and Cherbal NPC dialog box has been fixed
  • Antifarm Summon/Pet (PVP/PK) system  has been added
  • “Servitor Cure” skill has been fixed
  • Hot Springs Buffs/Debuffs now affect summon
  • PVP/PK general messages added:
PVP/PK announcements
  • % cooldown from skills has been added:
% Cooldown skills
  • Custom Keybinds added:
Custom Keybinds
  • “Enhance your weapon” quest has been fixed
  • Added messages when cubics are activated:
Cubic message
  • Adjusted experience gain for pets
  • Added messages when a player heal other players, pets and summons:
Heal message

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