Changelog #3

  • Expand Weight Limit (+5% per level) passive skill values were fixed
  • All Cubics duration has been adjusted to 15 min according to L2OFF
  • Removed “Teleport” option from GK Angelina in Giran Harbor
  • Abyss Blessing has been reduced to 3%, 5% and 7%
  • Abyss Bleesing affects Summon in the case of Summoner
  • Champion type mobs drop rates has been fixed in the SHIFT+CLIC system
  • Skills with the “ignoreShld” parameter has been adjusted
  • Shield Fortress skill MP consumption has been adjusted
  • The Adena amount supplied by Lost Pirate chest of Bodahn has been reduced (100k-180k)
  • Now, Mithren informs about the time left to vote again
  • Lethal Shot skill has been adjusted
  • Added NPC Asteroth
  • The “ClanWar” system has been revised
  • The Adena amount needed for Anduin buffs has been reduced
  • 1 Gold Coin for 100 Silver Coin at Bodahn’s Exchange has been removed
  • 1 Gold Coin for 100 Abyss Point at Bodahn’s Exchange has been added
  • L2Doorinstance’s target critical of the strongholds  has been fixed
  • The inner chamber in the Abyss Arena NPC Portal  has been added
  • The “paralyze” parameter for every skill related to it: Lightning Strike, Anchor, Paralysis, … has been adjusted
  • Binding Cubic has been adjusted
  • Storm Cubic has been adjusted
  • Crystal consumption of Cat’s Kai Summon has been adjusted
  • The Feline King’s summon’s Slash skill has been fixed
  • Shadow Summon P.ATK has been adjusted
  • Summon Spectral Lord skill has been adjusted
  • “ACCURACY” parameter of the basic physical attacks has been fixed
  • Lidia’s Heart quest, from Inhabitants of the forest of the dead quest chain has been fixed
  • 947 mob spawns has been fixed
  • 788 mob spawns has been added
  • Augment system has been adjusted

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