Changelog #2

  • Summons and pets passive skills fixed
  • World zones geodata and pathnode fixed
  • Dances, Songs and Summon Buffs time is reduced to 2 min. (retail)
  • GeoEngine: added new properties and some values fixed
  • Fixed the cursed weapons status information
  • Modified the process to getting buffs from Anduin:
From level 15 to level 251800a
From level 26 to level 302500a
From level 31 to level 353800a
  • Offline shops are now available in common places.
  • Restriction added: It’s no longer possible to create a shop close to a NPC
  • Restriction added: Arconte’s Aura no longer affects Offline Shops
  • Interface: fixed some window bugs
  • Interface: a visual effect that triggers when HP is low is added
  • Interface: direct access to Daily Reward is added
  • Interface: direct access to Server Rules is added
  • SpellBooks are stackable now
  • Amulets and Blueprints are stackable now
  • Life Stones are stackable now
  • Enchant armor scrolls are stackable now
  • Enchant weapon scrolls are stackable now
  • Life Crystals are stackable now
  • Book of Giants is stackable now
  • Daily Reward system added:
  • Fixed the Horror skill
  • Fixed the Aggression skill
  • Fixed the Hamstring skill
  • Fixed all Stun-type skill values
  • Added the NPC Galadriel
  • Added the “Transfer character” item. It’s sold by Bodahn and it costs 5 Gold Coins
  • It’s no longer possible to remove buffs through “ALT+CLIC”
  • Fixed Corpse-type NPCs movement
  • Fixed online players information in Nagash
  • Arconte’s Abyss Arena is open. Abyss Pets are now available:
Abyss pets

These pets can be purchased with Silver Coins and a number of combats. The table below shows how many combats you need for each pet:

Abyss Pet NamePassive SkillSilver Coins costCombats needed
SumoRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
AngelRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
GrotRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
WomanRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
OrcRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
LinviorRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
GorynychRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
ValakasRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
PegasusRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
HotbirdRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
SnakeRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
FairyRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
SamuraiRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
BambooRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
PandaRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
Abyss pets
Abyss Pets special features:
  • They give the Abyss Blessing passive skill (3% 5% or 7%)
  • The passive skill “Abyss Blessing” is received just by having the pet in the inventory
  • If the character is a summoner, abyss blessing only benefits the summon
  • They can’t be targeted and it’s no possible to interact with them
  • They can’t die
  • They can’t be summoned inside the Abyss Arena
  • They can’t be summoned in the Olympiad

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