Changelog #10

  • NPC Restrictions – Its not possible to interact with NPCS, dead, with private shop, sitting or casting
  • Kalanthia Island Pass – Added message announcing how the item Kalanthia Island Pass can be obtained
  • DailyReward / Daily Reward – Show daily reward window in case the player can claim the reward
  • Quest TrialOfGuildsman – Fixed
  • L2Attackable / Champion / Custom NPC / Quest Monster – Custom quest monster can’t be champion
  • RaidBoss / Raid Boss / Custom Raid Boss / Raid Curse – Increased level raid curse for lore Raid Bosses
  • – Show lv monsters and aggressive status
  • Raid Points / RaidPoints – Message to all players that Raid Points system points have been calculated and clan reputation has been awarded (Every monday)
  • Raid Boss Tirak – Spawn fixed
  • Quest TheZeroHour – Inform NPC’s dialogue that the quest “In Search of the Nest” is needed to start “The Zero Hour”
  • Champions parameters to [XP/SP x5], [HP x5], [Drop/Spoil/Adena x5], [atk/Matk/s.atk/c.speed x1.4%], [Chance drop Silver Coin 100%]
  • AntiBot – Number of seconds to solve the captcha increased to 10
  • DailyReward / Daily Reward – Fix bug
  • L2Skill / AOE / TARGET_AURA / TARGET_MULTIFACE – Adjusted parameters
  • Mass Summon Cubic – Skill radius is set to 1,000
  • CharacterCreate – Show message in case the character creation limit has been reached
  • Proxy – Proxy system added to the project
  • Added Joe Black Knight Skin and Hat to Bodahn Skin Manager
Joe Dark Knight
Joe Dark Knight hat
  • Added White Knight Sin and Hat to Bodahn Skin Manager
White Knight skin
White Knight hat

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