Changelog #1

  • 1,184 fixes so far. Final server changelog begins:
  • Target limit AOE skills type TARGET_AREA and TARGET_MULTIFACE 8-14 for players(L2PcInstance) and summons(L2Summon)
  • Same restriction AOE skills applied to basic attacks with Pole-type weapons (8-14).
  • Added 11 New legendary skins and 8 hats:
  • Added Skin Manager.
  • Added Lineagedos interface with 54 new features. Its possible to switch between Interlude and Classic interface. Some images:


Knowlege base

With the new interface, the “Knowledge base” service has been implemented. This tool is very useful for any player who needs information about the world around him without having to search for information outside the game.

We briefly explain some characteristics:

You can find out what skills each Life Stone gives per grade:

You will be able to know what recipes, materials and parts you need to craft any object:

You can search for any mob, drop or spoil you need. Where to find it, the stats of the mob, the chance of drop/spoil, etc.:

In order to consult all this information you only have to click on the crown icon of the inventory:

Classic interface
Interlude interface

– Added New Hairstyle item to Bodahn’s bazaar for 7 Gold Coin:

Dark Elf Male
Dark Elf Female
Dwarf female
Dwarf male
Orc mage male
Orc female
Orc fighter male
Human fighter male
Human fighter female
Human mage male
Human mage female
Elf male
Elf female

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