Brinilda, the warehouse freightman

Brinilda is a cunning and diligent dwarf, always alert and ready to act. She was born in the prosperous city of Gludio and specializes in trade and communications. The daughter of merchants, Brinilda grew up surrounded by magical and wondrous items that her parents brought from their travels. From an early age, she developed a unique ability to identify the value and authenticity of items and learned to expertly handle the logistics of her family’s business. […]

Nowadays, Brinilda dedicates herself to offering her services to adventurers, helping them transfer items swiftly and efficiently. With her keen attention to detail and organizational skills, Brinilda ensures that each item reaches its destination without any complications.

Lineagedos Lore

Brinilda is the warehouse freightman of Kalanthia island. Their services are similar to any other warehouse freightman.

Brinilda dialogue
Brinilda location

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