Boss mobs

We introduce in Lineagedos the “Boss” type mobs. These custom mobs are similar to normal monsters but their stats as well as their reward are increased. Unlike Raid Bosses, you don’t need a party to take them down. Although due to its hardness, two players or a single very experienced player will be necessary.

Boss mobs have a 2% chance of appearing after killing a monster between lv. 20 to lv. 80. They rarely appear but if you are lucky enough and manage to kill one of those, they’ll drop a very nice loot.

Unlike other mobs, the Boss have these features:

  • The word “Boss” in blue color appears in its title:
Normal Mob
Boss Mob
  • When you enter combat with a Boss type mob the music will change to combat music.
  • When a Boss type mob is killed, the whole party will receive a congratulations via chat and will hear an achievement sound:
  • Boss mobs will have the following multipliers and special drop:
    • XP/SP: x10
    • HP: x10
    • Drop/Spoil/Adena: x12
    • Seal Stones: x12
    • Atk/M. Atk: x1.6%
    • S. Atk/C. Speed: x1.6%
    • Chance drop Silver Coin 100% (1-3)

The purpose of Boss mobs is to make the farming process a little less repetitive. Good luck to all of you!

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