The Bodahn’s elixir

In one of his trips through Rune’s territories, Bodahn discovered what he called Varbita. The Varbita is a plant whose origin is unknown and it possesses magical qualities that when mixed with certain substances, it becomes a potion that gives great benefits for weeks to whoever drinks it. This potion is known as «Bodahn’s elixir».

Lineagedos Lore

Bodahn’s elixir can be obtained killing monsters, as a reward in events, daily rewards, getting achievements, completing all daily quests or buy it at Bodahn’s Bazaar. Like the silver coins and the rest of all Lineagedos custom items, the Bodahn’s elixir cannot be traded, sold to other players, removed, or dropped.

Bodahn's Elixir Item
Passive Skill Bodahn's Elixir

When a character enters the game and has Bodahn’s elixir, the remaining effect time will be reported:

Time left advise

Its only possible to feel the effects of the potion once at a time. Not by drinking more potions the effects will be multiplied:

Bodahn's limit effect

The duration of its effects is 24 hours and its benefits are:

  • +0.25% XP/SP
  • +0.25% Drop (chance and amount)
  • +0.25% Spoil (chance and amount)
  • +0.25% Adena (chance and amount)
  • Daily rewards extra BONUS:
Daily Rewards
Daily Rewards list

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