Asteroth, the weapon and armor trafficker

There is a warrior race of dwarfs living beyond Mithril Mines, they have a violent nature compared to the rest of the dwarfs. Unwilling to build relations with other races, they live very deep in the ground, because of this, they have weird and sparkling eyes, a strong body structure and darker skin.

They are self-sufficient, growing all the plants they need along the mountain slopes and hunting native beasts that live inside caves. There is only one thing that change their minds regarding to trade with others: beer.

Because the intense cold and the rugged terrain of their homes, their barley harvest is barely enough to satisfy their huge beer requirements. For this reason, few are the ones chosen to trade with the rest of the world, looking for anybody willing to fulfill their beer demand.

Being skilled in the art of war, the only thing to negotiate with they have, is the their buy and sell weapon and armor service. A reliable service for those who would like to find the best war gear in all Aden. It is also forbidden to do such business, so, it is consider an underground activity […]”

“[…] Asteroth is the most popular around the region of Giran. He is a dear fellow among their people. Without a doubt, one of the most famous traffickers in Aden. Big muscles, long beard and not talkative, he is at Kalantia Island most of the time. Surrounded by merchandise and boxes full of goods, he is willing to trade his services for some Adena.

Lineagedos Lore

Asteroth is our weapon, armor and jewelry NPC auctioneer. The regular shops will remain unchanged. This is an alternative buy and sell service.

Before provide a detailed explanation about the buy and sell process, please read the following notes:

  • Putting and object up for sale cost 5.000a
  • If you auction and item, the length of time will be undefined until it is sold or the owner cancel the order, in the second case, there is no refund.
  • When an item is sold, a message will be transfer to the sellers’ inventory.
  • When an item is sold, the Adena will be transfered to the sellers’ inventory.
  • In the case of a wrongly placed item or selling price there will be no way to invalidate the sale if the item is bought while it is showcased.

Buying an item

Select what type are you looking for: weapons, armor, jewelry:

It will show a list with every item on sale. You can use the searching box also. Once you find the item, just click on “BUY”, as shown in picture.

Selling an item

From the menu, select the “Sell” option:

Now, select the item you wish to sell:

Now, type the selling price for the item in the “Price” and currency (Adena), please verify the amount is correct. Then, click on “Sell this item”.

Withdrawing an item

Select “Items for sale“:

Now, just click on the cancel button, as shown in the picture below. The object will put back into your inventory:

You can visit Asteroth in Kalanthia Island

Asteroth location

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