Arconte, the guardian of Abyss Arena

Legends about the courage and bravery of heroes of bygone times are told everywhere. The names of those heroes are never forgotten. Like any story, we can see through the eyes of the main characters their own strengths and weaknesses, and one day without notice, one amazing action changes everything, glory and fame wait at the end. Although there are hundreds of legends worth telling, there is one that stands out from the rest, the life of Arconte.

Originally from the cold and harsh northern part of the world, Arconte shared with the rest of his people an unrelenting instinct for survival. Anyone who was old enough to have offspring and strong enough to wield a sword was surely a warrior to fear. Unable to produce their own food or subsist by hunting, the only resource available to them was the valuable minerals and gems, extracted from the mountains, used for trading.

The ambitious lords who ruled the southern lands decided to keep for themselves the mines in those mountains. Thus began a long war that lasted ten years. Arconte and his people, in clear disadvantage, managed to defend their lands and, moreover, they kept a few domains from their enemies. Arconte, at the beginning of those hard years, became the commander of that small army and because of him they won.  His strength and will matched at least twenty men, it was terrifying to see the red armor he wore in the distance. During the final battle, they captured the last of the lords who had participate in the plot. From the top of the wall of the fortress, he was decapitated by Arconte and the peace was declared.

It was a glorious victory. Almost immediately, the northern lands, scattered in clans and tribes, chose Arconte and his family as protectors and rulers. With total fanaticism towards him, the people felt that their lives could be improved. But the shadow of the enemies never goes away completely, in the new year’s eve celebrations, Arconte was poisoned by spies sent by those who defeated years ago, Arconte and his family, fell seriously ill. Everything happened too fast, in a few hours all had died, the amazing will of Arconte gave him six more days, before die, he blamed the gods for sending a plague for being unable to see a mortal man rise up like him over the rest, in the end, with a final effort, he curse all of them.

Arconte’s soul met the same fate as everyone else. Confused and fuzzy, he felt as if his mind was awakened from one thousand years dream. He moved as he was flying through and endless line along ghostly forms, watched by shadows beings. It seem to him as if he had seen someone known by him, there were the souls of his wife and children. He tried to shout but no sound came out from his mouth. Desperate, he stopped and struggled to separate himself from the rest, the guardians that were watching, looked at each other without understanding what was happening, they had never seen a soul interrupting the flow in that way.*

Once he was taken away from the rest, he listened voices forcing him to obey and continue the march, he refused and inmediatly started to feel pain, without a doubt, caused by those entities. He faded away and then, already awaken, he found himself in a dark place, few steps away, something was emiting a reddish glow, its was couple of swords stucked on the ground. A voice like thunder told him that, if that is his wish, he could return to the living realm from which he came, but, almost as big as his desire to come back will be the burden he will carry. The only condition was to take those swords without hesitation.

– Who are you? Take back with my family! – shouted out loud Arconte.

– You’re a curious being, I’ll give you that, little one. You’re here because you’re different, but that special condition does not entitle you to give me orders. Just for you to know, I’m one of those you had cursed while you were dying. I listened to you. Take those swords if you want another change to breath again and show me if you are truly the so-called Arconte. Go on, do not hesitate now. – the voice said sarcastically.

Arconte took the swords, at the same time, he felt squeezed. As hard as possible, he tried to move his legs and arms, he realized he was buried deep under layers of soil. He was able to set free, then, once he was standing up there, he found himself in the middle of a big space, surrounded by high and thick walls.

– Welcome to Abyss Arena! Welcome back to the world! Your life was forged by war and blood, and war and blood you will find here. This place will be your link to the living realm from now on. You were given in life the gift of free choice, and now, that gift was taken from you. You are tied to this place and your only to options are to love or hate your new life. You will imbue a blind thirst for combat and the improvement of the skills for those close to you. Those who want to satisfy their instincts will be brought here by you. This place is as alive as you, do not let it die and feed it well with as many blood as possible, you will be alive as long as you keep this Arena well fed. The blood spilled here is the spiritual food for those who live in the other side as well. This been said, do your job well. – All this was said by the voice.

Arconte listened carefully, took the swords and left the Arena in searching for the contenders. For now, he would accept the deal, while seeking the way out.

– Don’t worry you stupid demon or whatever you are. You and you fellow friends well be pleased soon enough. – Arconte said before he set foot outside the Abyss Arena grounds.

Lineagedos Lore

For more information about Arconte and the Abyss Arena visit Abyss Arena.

You can find Arconte in Giran Square and Kalanthia Island:

Arconte Giran location
Arconte Kalanthia Island

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