AntiBot Captcha

The antiBOT captcha is an effective system against the use of bots in our server. The captcha appears in 22 different cases or behaviors. The process is simple and straightforward:

AntiBot Captcha

As you can see, all the player has to do is to select the same image shown above. The player will be affected by Raid Curse until it is solved:

Captcha debuff

The captcha offers 10 tries to be solved. Each one last 5 seconds. (Updated to 10 seconds)

Captcha countdown
The consequences of not solving the Captcha:
  • If a player does not solve the captcha will be put in jail.
  • If a player logs out when the captcha is active will be put in jail.

In case of not attending or missing the captcha, the player will suffer three jail penalties:

Penalty levelPenalty time
110 minutes
260 minutes
Penalty table

In the prison you will find Cerbero, our information NPC.

Cerbero dialog

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