Anduin, the sorcerer

Anduin is a wandering sorcerer often seen in main cities and race’s towns. He’s averse to conversation and has no known profession. Those who know something about him say that he spends all his time meditating and reading ancient books. In order to make a living he offers magical help to travellers in exchange of some adenas.” […]

Lineagedos Lore

Anduin’s goal is to provide magical assistance to players who cannot find help from others, in exchange for adenas. The buffs are divided into mage buffs (Invigor, Empower, Wild Magic, Mental shield, Shield, Holy Weapon, Regeneration, Berseker Spirit, Concentration, Acumen, Resist Fire, Wind Walk and Bless Shield) and warrior buffs (Invigor, Haste, Vampiric, Mental shield, Shield, Holy Weapon, Regeneration, Berseker Spirit, Guidance, Death Whisper, Might, Focus, Resist Fire, Wind Walk and Bless Shield).

The buffs duration is 20 minutes and are only available for characters level 15-35.

Anduin dialogue

The cost depends on character level:

From level 15 to level 251800a
From level 26 to level 302500a
From level 31 to level 353800a
Anduin prices

You can find Anduin in all starting villages and at these locations:

Ubicación Anduin en Giran
Anduin in Giran
Anduin in Dion
Ubicación Anduin en Gludin
Anduin in Gludin
Ubicación Anduin en Gludio
Anduin in Gludio
Anduin in Kalanthia
Anduin in Schutttart
Anduin in Oren
Anduin in Heine
Aunduin in Hunters

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