Abyss Rift Event

“The Masters of the Arena were once powerful beings that were worshiped by remote and unknown civilizations. As the eons passed, the ancient religions that brought together believers were forgotten, and with them the rites and prays that gave them power.

Feeling that their power might fade, they figured out a way to drain the emotional and life force from mortal creatures. And so they built the living entity known as Abyss Arena. Made of stone and steel, this structure feeds on the blood poured into the sand on the ground, but its main function is to channel the emotional energy from the fighters that give power to its architects.

The Masters of the Arena have under their control countless agents from this and other worlds who work for them, these new priests are in charge of bringing in new contenders to duel within the walls of the Arena. Victory, defeat, life or death is not the ultimate goal. The feelings of rage, fear and distress of those who enter the Arena are the new prayers that give meaning to the existence of the Masters.

[…] Arconte is one of the best known agents, bringing new fighters to combat serves his personal interests.

[…] Sometimes, a vortex known as Abyss Rift appears in this dimension to take potential fighters directly to the Abyss Arena. This portal is created by entities that dwell in the Abyss Arena and are bound by its will. They whisper to those who walk nearby words that stir up ambition and a desire to battle in exchange for silver coins.”

Lineagedos Lore

What is the Abyss Rift Event

Every day at 17:30, 23:30 and 03:30 (server time) a massive earthquake can be felt all over the world. This is the signal that a vortex has been opened toward Abyss Arena. This vortex, or portal, is an NPC that spawns on Kalanthia Island through which you can participate in team vs. team fight.

Abyss Rift
Abyss Rift location

The Event will be also announced through a system message. The deadline to sign up is 10 minutes after. Beyond this time, the vortex will disappear and it will not be possible to participate in the event:

Event announcement
Terms and conditions for taking part in Abyss Rift Event
  • Only characters from level 45 up to 80 can apply.
  • Mercenary players will not be allowed to enter the battle.
  • Only one player per IP address will be able to participate.
  • PK characters will not be allowed to join.
  • Cursed weapons wielders will not be allowed to take part.
  • No more than 70 players can take part in the event.
How to participate in Abyss Rift Event

If you are qualified and wish to participate, go to the NPC Abyss Rift and select “Join Event”:


Once you are registered, you will be able to participate:


Once the sign-up period is over, you will be sent along with the other players to the Abyss Arena. You will be placed in one of the two team spawns, whether red or blue, where you will have to wait until the match starts.

Abyss Arena teams spawns

Once the game begins, each team will have 10 minutes to score as many kills from the enemy team as possible. The team with the most kills will be the winner of the Abyss Rift Event.


All members of the winning team will receive 5 Silver Coins. The player with the most kills, no matter which team he is part of, will additionally receive 5 Silver Coins.

A few important notes
  • Teams are created in a random order.
  • Using potions is NOT allowed.
  • Summons are allowed.
  • In Abyss Arena you do not lose XP when you die.
  • After you die, you will be placed at your team’s respawn point.
  • When you come back your HP, MP and CP will be restored.
  • Buffs will not be removed after dead.

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