Abyss Arena

The Arena

The Arena is a huge floating structure to the east of Killer Whale lands. It’s not possible to get there by any conventional way, just through Arconte.

Abyss Arena location

The place is divided into two symmetrical halves, both in different colors (blue and red) clearly differentiated:

Aerial Abyss Arena image

The Arena mechanics work under the same rules, conditions and restrictions as any regular combat zone and Olympics.

The geodata of the entire site is perfectly defined so that no movement stuck, jumps, attacks through walls, etc. can’t occur.

Arconte, the guardian

Arconte is the NPC guardian of the Abyss Arena. Through him, you will be able to join the combats, get information about how to join, buy abyss pets and items, etc.

Arconte Giran location
Arconte Kalanthia location

Another characteristic of Arconte is his aura:

Arconte's aura

This aura, as explained in the Arconte lore, gives all players close to him a SP (Skill Points) buff every few minutes. The following image shows the aura effect range.

Arconte's aura Giran Square
Arconte's aura Kalanthia Island

Near Arconte you will find the Abyss Portal NPC. Through this totem you will be able to access several chambers located in the Arena. By doing this you can easily check the place without being in combat.

Abyss Portal

Silver Coins

The Silver Coin is the arena currency. It is needed both,  to join the Arena and to buy items in the Abyss Shop.

All players will receive an amount of Silver Coins with each class change:

First class20 SC
Second class50 SC
Third class100 SC

Once you have finished each class change quest you only have to go to Arconte and select “Obtain Silver Coins for my class transfer”.

The Silver Coins can be obtained by some ways: through world drop (all monsters can drop it), as an event reward, by voting, through daily rewards by finding silver coin chests or by winning combats in the Abyss Arena.


To participate in the 1vs1 combats visit Arconte and select “Go to the Arena”, then click in “I want to participate”:

In order to participate you must have 5 Silver Coins in your inventory. If you are in a party already, the system will kick you out of the party automatically. Any buff, scroll, potion, etc. will be remove before you enter the arena, you will not be able to make parties, use scrolls, potions, the Gatekeeper or unlock among other restrictions.

Once you have joined the waiting list, you must wait for the system to match you with someone else 5 levels below or above your character’s level. Once the players are matched, the system will send a warning message that you will be sent to the Arena in 15 seconds. From that moment, a forced logout or provoke critic will result in the automatic loss of the fight and the 5 Silver Coins will be lost.

Once you’re in the Arena, you’ll have 30 seconds to prepare yourself. You won’t be able to move but you will be able to use your buffs and summon. Seconds before starting the fight, the HP/MP/CP will be restored and the fight will start.

The winner gets their silver coins back and will receive the loser’s 5 silver coins.

The 1vs1 combat mode zone is delimited to center of the arena. It will only be possible to move around the central structure delimited by walls and large doors:

1VS1 area
Opponents spawns
1vs1 Combat

Rules and restrictions on 1vs1 fighting (to be updated)

– Once registered its not possible to use scrolls, potions or any object that can alter the character’s stats.

– Once registered it is not possible to use the Gatekeeper, invite to party and logout.

Abyss Shop

Abyss Pets
Abyss pets

These pets can be purchased with Silver Coins and a number of combats. The table below shows how many combats you need for each pet:

Abyss Pet NamePassive Skill Silver Coin costCombats needed
SumoRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
AngelRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
GrotRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
WomanRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
OrcRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
LinviorRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
GorynychRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
ValakasRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
PegasusRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
HotbirdRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
SnakeRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
FairyRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
SamuraiRegen. speed HP/MP +5%3.00050
BambooRegen. speed HP/MP +3%1.50020
PandaRegen. speed HP/MP +7%5.000100
Abyss pets
Abyss Pets special features:
  • They give the Abyss Blessing passive skill (3% 5% or 7%)
  • The passive skill “Abyss Blessing” is received just by having the pet in the inventory
  • If the character is a summoner, abyss blessing only benefits the summon
  • They can’t be targeted and it’s no possible to interact with them
  • They can’t die
  • They can’t be summoned inside the Abyss Arena
  • They can’t be summoned in the Olympiad

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